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Michael & Cammy Morreale live in Southern California with their two children one dog & cat.  Cammy was born & raised in Northern California and spent much of her life living on her Grandmother’s sheep ranch in Mount Aukum, not 5 minutes from their second home, The Perry Creek  Retreat.   If you visit Pioneer Park just down the street where Perry Creek hits Fairplay Road,  you will find a dedication at the base of the flagpole to Florence Steele for her efforts in getting the park built.  That is Cammy’s grandma and is indicative of how deep her roots run in this area.

Both Michael & Cammy enjoy wine and in the last four years have become home winemakers themselves although Michael still insists he’s a better wine drinker than maker,  it has become a wonderful hobby that they both enjoy and has brought them many hours of fun with friends and family who help in the process.  Perry Creek is the perfect getaway for them as it not only gives them a chance to taste many of the fine wines offered at the numerous area wineries, but affords them the opportunity to catch up with all the fabulous friends they have made throughout the years at these same wineries.  If you are on a wine tasting visit make sure you mention you’re staying at  Cammy & Michael’s Perry Creek Retreat and chances are you’ll get a positive quip or smile from the winery server.

No trip to their second home is complete without hosting a dinner party for some of the many friends and family that live in the area.  Michael & Cammy love to entertain and that’s one reason the house is so well equipped to handle a large group or party!  Both Cammy & Michael believe life is about fun family & friends.  When your staying at their house they want you to feel at home and enjoy yourselves!




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